Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On third day of Neetishala (25th of July 26, 2011) all the participants were looking fresh with new enthusiasm to involve in the workshop.
After the debriefing session , Prof. Andrew Pettit Morriss from University of Alabama USA took the sessions on Policies for economic development, Public Choice: The Economics of Government  and Monetary Policy: Central Bank Vs Private Bank. Beside that Mr. Prem Khanal, Associate Editior of Republica National Daily took the session on Mass Media  and policy Advocacy.
As all the sessions were very important, all participants took very lively and active participation in all the sessions. Regarding the session some participants were even in discussion session at the lunch time too . I think this shows the youth want to do really something for the economic growth.
Similarly , the group of mine (The Vision Group ) is promoting its campaign on the topic “Oil Nigam Kahile Samma Petrol Sankaat”. To promote this campaign our “The Vision Group” organized signature campaign as well as on the statue campaign to promote the campaign.
At the end of the day the sessions ends with the presentation programme  of the article on “Swedish Myth”, on this programme  group 102 won the prize for their wonderful presentation.

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