Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Fourth Day at Neetishala

As the days of workshop are running off it is being quite interesting, exciting , enthusiastic and so on then the previous days of the workshop. We are getting opportunity to sharpen our knowledge day by day not only by national resource person but by international personal too.
Today on 26th of July 2011 , our debriefing session goes very nicely as well with the comment of the organizer for the promotion of the campaign. Prof. Andrew Pettit Morriss took the session of Externalities, Coase and the problem of Social Cost  and the Environment perservation: Government or Markets? with very interesting story of woodpecker and the Hawk as well as with interesting games by which we became more clear to our session beside that the Group work was so interesting and I was on "Water" group. Today we won the gift for the best presentation on Prof. Moriss session about the policy.
The another session was of Mr.Ratish Basnyat from FNCCI on "Globalization and Trade Liberalization Policy in Context of Nepal". Similarly today we got time for the given workouts as well as we have a memorable photo session .
In my point of view, now the participants are getting more comfortable with each other in sessions and feeling proud to be a part of Neetishala Workshop.

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